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Personalised PODD Books


At Wearable Words, we believe the best looking PODD is a well used PODD!

That's why we make sure that our books are customised in the most meaningful way possible to ensure you have access to a robust and relevant vocabulary.​

Wearable Words PODD products:

  • are custom printed on strong (100gsm) weatherproof paper

  • have key and high use pages laminated for reinforcement and durability

  • include a personalised cover page to suit the PODD speakers interests

  • are ring bound to enable page updates and replacement 


Our experience speaking PODD within our own family enables us to really add value to the customisation process, ensuring a product that will be motivating and relevant to the PODD speaker.

Our customisation process is easily managed remotely, and we have various options for families to help keep Wearable Words PODD books affordable and value for money.

Wearable Words

We can't stress enough the importance of every AAC user having access to a full and robust vocabulary. However, as a family who uses AAC on a daily basis, we also understand that sometimes it can be tricky to walk our talk.


That's why have developed our range of Wearable Words - quick, easy and wearable Aided Language Displays to maximise opportunities for expressing or modelling AAC in those opportunities where a full robust system may be hard to manage.

Some recent examples we have developed include:

  • Quick chat in the car

  • Quick chat horse riding 

  • Quick chat showering/ personal care

Of course, we make sure our Wearable Words align with our full AAC system, ​and we make sure that it is still accessible whenever possible.

Wearable Words Aided Language Displays
Grid 3 support


Transitioning to high-tech AAC can be exciting but overwhelming for families and carers of AAC users. It takes time to customise and personalise the device and its programs to suit the communicator.  Not to mention the time and effort to learn the nuances of new technology and programs. Often this task falls on the communication partners as they simply have more time with the device than the allied health professionals.

We offer a GRID 3 personalisation service to help you get your new device up and running as quickly and smoothly as possible.  We work closely with speech language pathologists, educators and families to align the device to the users needs and stage of their AAC experience.

Wearable Words Grid 3
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