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​Wearable Words was started by Mary Lishomwa, and her daughter Abigail:  a vibrant young lady with complex communication needs.  Our initial goal was to provide affordable PODD books to the Australian Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) community. 

Since then, our services have evolved to include Grid 3 support (especially for eye-gaze assistive technology), and creating customised aided language displays to support AAC users in any environment.

Our experience as a PODD speaking family gives us valuable insight as to how best to customise PODD page sets for any individual communicator in a way that will maximise their engagement with it, whilst ensuring that the principles and integrity of PODD are adhered to.

We also offer customised Aided Language Displays and Wearable Words to support communicators in any environment.

We specialise in supporting Speech Language Pathologists and other professionals as they work with their clients, and are always willing to lend a friendly ear to  new families begin their ACC journey.

Our Team

Mary Wearable Words

Mary holds a Bachelors degree in Linguistics and Computers Science, and is about to complete her Post Graduate Certificate in Specialised Inclusive Education. 


She has completed numerous relevant training programs, including PODD introductory training, GRID 3 and Tobi Dynavox training courses.


She passionate about augmentative and alternative communication and encouraging others on their AAC journey.


Abigail is a dynamic and talented AAC user.  

She demonstrates a progressive approach to adopting AAC in unlimited  non-clinical environments (for example: home, school, pool, playground), and provides invaluable insight to our team.   

She is an wonderful teacher and mentor to others, and well on her way to becoming a Grid3 eye-gaze access specialist.

Abigail Wearable Words
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